Happy Customer

This testimonial has been a long time coming..

@rejuvenateyourskininc you have helped me regain my self-esteem, feel confident in the way I look again, and totally changed the way I view skincare!!

Hormonal acne sucks!! Making the choice to come off of birth control was easy.. the side affects that came with it, have not been. When I came to Mindi for help, it was my last resort. I was hesitant because I knew that once I started I’d have to keep up with it. I thought, “there’s no way my skin will ever get back to what it was”. At this point, I was so insecure, my skin had so much control over how I felt about myself.

As a teenager, I did struggle with acne. Shortly after developing acne I went on birth control and started using prescription acne cream and voila!! Acne GONE! I had perfect skin for so many years. I swore by my acne creams, recommended them to everyone, and thought I was taking great care of my skin 😄 After all, I washed my face and moisturized twice a day, using SPF to protect my skin from aging.. that’s the best thing you can do, right?.. well NOT when you use crappy products full of chemicals, ingredients that are actually known to cause cancer, and SPF that doesn’t actually penetrate the skin and comes off the minute you start sweating.

Thank you Mindi for teaching me not only the science behind all types of breakouts and oil production but also the science behind each and every product you use. I can confidently say Mindi’s knowledge and her products have proven themselves! I’m not sure that I will ever use facial products other than Cosmedical, Environ, color science, or well.. any brand Mindi tells me to use again. 😉

I have not only experienced a complete 180 with my acne, but more glow to my skin, reduction in scars and dark spots, and fine lines disappearing.

Book your next appointment with Mindi to learn everything you need to know for acne free and younger looking skin, you won’t regret it!!


Happy Customer

Just want you to know how much I have you to thank for my really beautiful skin underneath this face lift. I of course have not been using my products for the last couple of weeks and got really nervous I was going to break out…, but my skin looks amazing. I don't know that I ever could have done this if we hadn't figured out my acne !!! If I haven't said it in a while, I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for me. You have no idea how much I really love and appreciate you❤️


Diane Parkland

Mindi, I cannot believe how long it took me to actually come to you and let you help me with my acne. I have been from dermatologist to dermatologist… And over the years have taken every antibiotic under the sun. And when my doctor finally told me the only thing she could suggest is to go back on Accutane, I finally came to you for my first facial a little over a year ago. And in one year, switching over to your products, and following your protocol... I have no pimples!!! No Accutane, and no acne!!!

My skin is the best it has been in my entire adult life!!! I only wish I had trusted and come to you sooner!!! Please share my testimonial to encourage other people with skin issues to come see you!!! You are awesome, I can't thank you enough❤

Diane - Parkland

Lori Z Coral Springs

"Mindi, Just a quick note, to thank-you for taking your time always to listen to my needs and concerns in my skin care regimen. Your knowledge, passion and dedication shows through always. Your first seminar was such a great success I thought there was no need for me to go, because I was already hooked on all the products. I was questioning whether I really needed to go and spend the afternoon there. (WE ALL KNOW- HOW VALUABLE OUR TIME IS THESE DAYS!) HOWEVER BOY WAS I GLAD I HAD GONE!!

The presentation of the products, with the manufacturer, was so informational. The science, technology and ingredient structure, in these products, make me wonder why anyone would opt to use anything else.

Being in the business world I live by, “want what they have DO WHAT THEY DO!” motto. That is what I was doing 6 years ago, when I had approached you at the gym. I still remember that whole conversation just like it was yesterday. I knew you were over 30 (however I didn’t know HOW MUCH OVER J hah) so I wanted to know how you looked as good as you did, and it is all history from there. I know I am on the right path also, I have been religiously getting my facial treatments every, 4-6 weeks for more than 5 years now and when I have to miss one or two here and there I can see a difference in my skin immediately. After my treatment I look so refreshed, my skin is glowing and the penetration of my home products is improved immensely. Living in South Fl., driving a convertible, running everyday, and never mind the stress, lack of sleep, and years of smoking, etc. I’d hate to see what I’d look like at 40, IF I HAD NOT DONE SOME RESTORATIVE TREATMENTS TO MY SKIN. Everyone always asks me what I do now; my skin is in better health at 40 than it was when I was 25. Mainly due to the information I have gotten from you, and the skin care products I have committed to. I hate wearing make up,(although that color science make-up I had tried does not even feel like make up) I feel good enough with my skin that at 40 I do not need any makeup, because there are no imperfections to cover up.

Wow I guess, it wasn’t that quick now was it-anyway thanks again for always looking out for me and taking care of me, when I need it too, you make me feel like family and not just your client."

Best Regards, Lori Z-Coral Springs

Carlo Sabogal Coral Springs

This letter is to thank you both for the excellent treatment that I have received at “Rejuvenate Your Skin,” not only because of the great results but also for the first-class service you have always provide me. I remember when my acne was very severe, but thanks to the treatment and the Environ products I now have a clearer and better looking skin. The great results of my treatment not only helped me look better, but it boosted my self-confidence, which is necessary when you work on sales and marketing as I do. I am grateful to you, Mindi and Karla; I would not go anywhere else but Rejuvenate Your Skin.

Sincerely, Carlo Sabogal-Coral Springs

K. Schiffmiller Boca Raton

Dear Mindi,

When you first discussed the Environ product line with me, I was hesitant about changing my skin care because of the sensitivity of my skin. I was afraid my skin would breakout and because of your knowledge and love for what you do, you knew how to intergrate the product into my regimen to prepare my skin. Since you developed the right skin care plan for me, and your wonderful facials and treatments, my skin looks absolutely amazing and I continuously get compliments on how beautiful my skin is. You are the best and I will recommend you to all my friends and family!

Thank you. K. Schiffmiller-Boca Raton

Lucille Leon Coral Springs

Dear Mindi,

Just a short note to tell you how pleased I am with the make-up products. The mascarra and eye liner are great. They stay on all day and wash away at night quickly and cleanly. The mineral make-up is everything you promised. My skin looks great. Thank you for all your help.

Best wishes, Lucille Leon-Coral Springs

Linda Haddad South Florida

Dear Mindi,

First, I would like to Thank You for working around my schedule in order for me to come in and see you. The holidays are always such a busy and stressful time of year. The treatment I received, The Temple Treatment, was by far the most relaxing, thorough and the best treatment I've ever had. From my head to my toes you worked your magic and made me feel like a million bucks. My face never looked more radiant and skin more alive. I had a holiday party after leaving you and didn't even think about putting any make-up on. Many friends at the party couldn't believe how my skin looked refreshed and healthy. I told them my back, hands and feet felt the same way. I trust you in making all the choices in products you use. I love each and every one of them. All I have to do is look at your skin and I know I'm with a true pro.

Thanks again Mindi, I know I will be seeing you soon to have the same treatment again.....Linda Haddad

Diane Santiago Rice Deerfield Beach

I have spent alot of money trying to find a treatment to relax my entire soul. I have had stone treatments, oxygen facials, seaweed wraps, full body treatments...etc, etc. Nothing compare to the way I floated out of the office when I received The Temple Treatment by Mindi. This healing process electrifies every one of your senses. From the top of your head to the bottom of your toes you will feel the surge of relaxation. I have finally found the remedy to help me unwind and really feel delightful!!! "Mindi works diligently to help her customer receive EXCELLENT results in skin care. I have gone to many spas and dermatologists to deal with the skin problems I have endured and Mindi and her thorough knowledge of her line of work is the only one who has come up with an effective solution!! My confidence is back and my skin is renewed!! "Great Results, Expert, Good Value."

Thanks, Mindi! Diane Santiago Rice - Deerfield Beach

Liza Caloras Coral Springs

I absolutely love the Colorescience line of Mineral makeup! I am a low maintenance kind of girl, and I like a natural look in makeup. Mindi assured me it would fit my lifestyle and it does. Colorescience is the easiest makeup to apply, looks luminous and totally natural, stays on all day and my skin feels better since I have been using it.

Thanks again, Liza Caloras-Coral Springs

Danee Cavaliere Coral Springs

Mindi made my skin feel like porcelain after my facial treatments. She knew her product and proceedures like a pro, and treated me very kindly. I recommend her services to anyone who wants to experience a healthy and relaxing treatment.

Thanks Mindi, Danee Cavaliere-Coral Springs

Kim South Florida

Hi Mindi,

I want to thank you so much for all that you do. I can now look in the mirror and feel better about my skin. I abused it with the sun and it is amazing what your products have done for me in so little time. My pores are smaller and a lot of my spots are fading. The fine lines are going away with the awesome mask!!! You are a wonderful lady and really care for others. I want to thank you for being you!!!!

Smiles from, Kim-South Florida

Jill Coral Springs

Thank you Mindi for all of your help in educating me about my skin. You are so full of information and are always willing to share with everyone. Your products are really wonderful and so are you. They have made a difference on my skin. Furthermore, I want to also thank Dr. Perelman for being so nice and honest on my very first Botox experience. I was very nervous at the beginning and by the end of the visit I couldn't have felt more comfortable. I really appreciate his honesty and patience. He told me what he thought I would be the happiest with and what he felt I didn't quite need yet. Boy was he right, I absolutely love the way I look! Thanks again Mindi for everything and can't wait to see the two of you again!

Jill-Coral Springs

Alissa South Florida

Hi Mindi,

Mindi, I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me. Originally, I contacted you to find out about the ColoreScience line. What I came away with is a new way to take care of my skin. Besides the wonderful ColoreScience line, I am also using some products from the Environ skin care line. These products, together with facials from you, have changed my skin in a short time. My red bumpy blotchy cheeks have become clearer and smoother. I now enjoy wearing makeup and feel good about taking care of my skin. Your knowledge and careing is much appreciated. I look forward to my next visit with you!

Alissa-South Florida

Ashley South Florida

Hi Mindi, Thanks so much for the great facial. I'm so glad I finally found someone in So. Fla. who can help me with my skin! I already feel an improvement and its only been a few days. I can't wait to see how it looks after a month. Thanks so much for everything! I'll see you in 6 weeks or so.

Ashley-South Florida

Debbie DiNucci Coral Springs

It is my pleasure to share my facial experience at Rejuvenate Your Skin, Inc. I was a little nervous, I never had a facial, but I knew I was with an educated Professional who was passionate about and dedicated to natural healing. The grooming equipment was top notch- "High Tech" - state of the art. The atmosphere was very clean private and visually pleasing. I made myself right at home. Mindi instinctively began her truly unique work. By using the variety of invigorating rhythmical facial massage techniques and theraputic touch, she helped my skin to relax and detoxify. While restoring my bodies energetic positive field, Mindi provided advise on skin care; vitamin creams, custom facial; body products, organic supplements, healthy coffee, organic healing tea and make up. She informed me about sun damage, free redicals and antioxidants. She recommended specific custom tailored products for my skin. I am actively using the cosmetiv roller-cit and vitamin ccream product combination as an antiaging remedy. In a very short time frame, my age lines and skin imperfections are rapidly fading. Mindi's boundless wealth of knowledge has made a tremendous remarkable change to my skin. Mindi had by far surpassed my expectations. I absolutely highly recommend her exceptional service. Mindi is a very special lady. My experience was truly enlightening. Thank you so much for caring about me.

Debbie DiNucci-Coral Springs

Amanda Mineo South Florida

After my very first visit I was hooked!! Mindi took extra time to talk to me about my concerns and about what I was expecting going forward. She truly cared and wanted to help. I live 30min from here but I will gladly make the drive. It is WELL WORTH IT! Mindi is very knowledgable and her skin is amazing! So she early knows what she's doing ;) highly highly recommend. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

Amanda Mineo-South Florida

Jennifer Ursillo Marzo South Florida

Hi Mindi,

Mindi is so knowledgeable and passionate about skin care...she's the best!

Jennifer Ursillo Marzo-South Florida

Lisa Riccio Mern South Florida

I met Mindi a year ago and I was so impressed on how well informed she was on her products that I knew I had to try them....not to mention that her skin is a walking advertisement for them too! I love the products and have seen a great improvement in my skin. I also love her facials and mindi herself too!

Lisa Riccio Mern-Coral Springs

Tamara Sydney Sutton South Florida

Mindi is fantastic and very knowledgable. In addition to educating you on what's best for your skin type she gives a wonderful soothing facial with all the best ingredients. I look forward to my next facial.

Tamara Sydney Sutton-South Florida

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