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Don't forget about your body! Rejuvenate Your Skin offers specific body treatments to exfoliate, hydrate, detoxify or clarify. Acne doesn't just happen on the face, it happens on the body as well. We offer special body treatments for acne and acne scars.

Full Body Microdermabrasion

"Feeling is believing"- the most effective exfoliating & rejuvenating treatment for your whole body. Ending with Environ's Essentia A oil treatment. It is excellent for dry skin conditions and is particularly recommended for sun damaged areas of the body. Your skin will feel like a baby's bottom!
2 1/2 hours (Face included for free - a $95 savings) Microdermabrasion individual areas: Back, Chest, Legs, Hands and Arms.

Anti Aging Body Treatment

This hydrating and exfoliating treatment consists of gently removing dry skin cells, followed by by a penetrating treatment of oils and creams cntaining Vitamins A, C, E and Beta Carotine. An Aliginate masque remineralizes, tones and smoothes the skin. This luxurious renewal treatment provides intense hydration, tightening and regeneration of new healthy skin.
80 minutes

Acne Back Purifier

The skin on your back, (which is often neglected) is often affected by the same kind of hormone imbalances that affect your face. Let us help you tend to your back with a pre-cleanser, Claytech masque and steam to purify the skin. Next we cleanse and tone to prepare for a TCA exfoliating peel which smoothes and improves the skin's texture. Followed by extractions, high frequency (anti-bacterial treatment) and an Alginate masque to calm inflammation, remedy imperfections and balance the skin of the back.
60 minutes

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