Facial Peels


   Peels are designed to effectively exfoliate the skin with chemical and natural acids. They must be customized according to your skin type and ethnicity to be able to work effectively. Environ is the Pioneer in the production and use of gentle, effective, and extremely safe "Cool" Peeling Systems to remove the skin's excess horny layer while maintaining its waterproofing barrier qualities. Results achieved are dramatic, measurable and impressive without the negatives associated with mid- to deep-peels. Superb noticeable results are achieved without risk of burning, irritation, hypo- or hyper- pigmentation problems, and without down time normally seen with other peels. The Environ Peeling System assists in the treatmant of photo damage, rough, wrinkled, irregular textured, and acneic/ problematic skin.

Facial Peel
    An effective way to smooth rough skin, soften fine lines and wrinkles as well as lighten superficial pigmentation. TCA (trichloracetic acid) can be delivered to the skin in controlled layers depending on skin tolerance. Revitalize with a vitamin infused soothing mask after extractions. The exfoliation is mild and treatments are designed to be used repeatedly without damaging the skin. Best used for rough, photo damaged, oily and acneic skin.
60 minutes
TCA Acne Peel Series
   Unbuffered trichloracetic acid in strengths ranging from 2% to 10% (can be layered). The safest and most effective peeling system whereby the skin is cooled by water as evaporation occurs. Best used for rough, photo damaged, oily and acneic skin with no down time. Once we get the acne under control, we can address scarring and pigmentation. A sensible home care regiment will be prescribed for your specific skin type.
60 minutes
 Vitamin C Peel
   Increase collagen production, strengthen elasticity, visible difference in firmness and wrinkle reduction while improving pigmentation and sun damage. You are left with a radiant glow after this peel. Contains a high concentration of ascorbic acid. Suitable for normal skin types but is especially recommended for sun damaged skin types, photo- damage, moderate to severe wrinkles, acne scars and upper lip lines, and mature skins, which will appear refreshed and revitalised almost immediately. It exfoliates while helping to give the appearence of more even skin tone, firmness and radiance. 
60 minutes
LacPam Gel Peel
   A 10% lactic acid gel with a high pH that allows for a gentle exfoliation. Suitable for all skin types and conditiond. Profound results are achieved on pigmented skins when used with iontophoresis.
60 minutes

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